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2017 Rate Restructure
December On-Time = 99.18%

Strengthening our commitment to our Hundredweight pricing program, we have made the following changes effective December 18th
  • Four Pricing Zones: Hundredweight Zones expanded from 2 to 4 which enables pricing to better match actual distance travelled. Rates have been lowered and increased to accommodate. Zone 2 shipment rates in particular have been significantly reduced.
  • Hundredweight Rates Expanded to 1000 Pounds: Our previous limit of 500 pounds resulted in large jumps in price when shipping over this amount. By expanding our Hundredweight range and Zones at the same time, we now offer the lowest cost solution for the size and distance shipped.
  • Fuel Surcharge Lowered to 5%: Rates have been increased 13% and the same amount was reduced from our fuel surcharge. This change better matches our operating expense as fuel prices become less volatile than in the recent past.
  • Dimensional Factor Changed to 166 (FAK class 50 to 92.5): The reduction in dim factor is offset with reduced rates which enable more dense shipments to qualify for additional discounts. Only pay for the weight and space you ship.
  • $12.00 Delivery Area Surcharge: Providing service to and from less populated or accessible areas carries higher operating costs. The DAS only applies to Hundredweight shipments and will not apply on shipments over 1000 pounds. The addition of the DAS was offset by a reduction in rates to all direct points and weight ranges.
Collectively, these additions and subtractions are designed to more accurately reflect the cost of providing service for different sized shipments and areas. Coupled with our focus on perfect service, our goal is to be the most trusted and transparent Hundredweight / Less than Pallet Load (LPL) / LTL carrier in the nation.

We are your neighbors and friends and will always be focused on taking care of you for today, tomorrow and the MILES AHEAD.

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