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No matter what tomorrow may bring, our focus this day, like every day to come, will always be on taking care of your shipment, your customer and ensuring that at the end of day you are proud that you chose to use TITAN Freight Systems ®.

The Most Reliable Next Day AM Service

The ever-changing market presents companies with increasingly difficult challenges.  We're here to help.  We have the right people, the right equipment and the desire from all team members to be counted on every day.  We continue to expand our service in Oregon and Washington to points you need the most.  We are honored to be your transportation provider and continue to reinvest in our business to maintain our industry leading on time and damage free performance.

World Class Service

Quality and leadership begin by learning from the best.  Each quarter year we assemble our management team for a World Class Service meeting where we discuss ways to improve our best practices and customer service.  In addition, we invite an industry leader to speak about their service culture and attaining greatness.  Our most recent speakers have been from Nordstrom ® and Les Schwab ®, two recognized service leaders in their respective industries.  Our unwavering commitment and focus is to be our industry's leader by providing the fastest and most reliable and responsive customer service to you and your customers - one shipment at a time.

Information Technology meets Lean Management

Our unwavering view is that the Internet will soon take over all aspects of our lives.  On-line services won't merely supplement our business practices but will replace many of them.  We have designed TITANFS.COM with an eye on the future.  Inside this website is the transportation industry's fastest order processing wizard on the planet.  In 15 seconds, using our Repeat Shipment or Customer List, your bill of lading and shipment labels are printing and your pickup truck has been dispatched - no set up or programming required. TITAN's goal is to be a valuable and indispensable part of your Lean manufacturing and distribution process.  Point, Click, Ship & Save with TITANFS.COM.

Going Green

While transportation companies are considered anything but Green, we have to work harder than others to offset the effects our business has on the environment.  In so doing, we are uniquely positioned to lead not only our peers but also that of the brightest companies in our nation.  Your support has allowed us to deliver the following:

  • GPS dispatching and optimized routing software that limits out of route travel and improves efficiency

  • Biodiesel powered fleet - While we know that biodiesel is not the final solution to our nation's energy needs.  TITAN is committed to participating each step of the way towards clean energy

  • Paperless processes
    • 100% of all invoices are delivered via email, fax or EDI, which completely removes the use of paper and USPS mail

    • Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) web invoice bill pay (3/2010) will enable you to pay on-line with no check, remittance or postage required

    • Driver and dock hand held computers seamlessly flow shipment information throughout the movement life cycle

    • Intranet document storage for 100% of TITAN forms, which reduces the need for copies and compliments our High Velocity initiative by instantaneously moving operational changes to the field at the click of the Save button

    • 100% virtual paychecks via direct deposit with complete on-line visibility

Our accomplishments and yet unfulfilled initiatives are many.  After four decades, we are excited and feel that we are only just now getting started.  Each day in this rapidly changing business environment brings a new opportunity.  We're proud to be your partner and thank you for your support as we navigate the future of business together.


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