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Procedures for submitting a claim with Titan Freight Systems

Time Limitations

Claims must be filed in writing with the carrier within 180 days after the delivery of the property or in the case of export traffic, within nine months after delivery at the port of export. Claims for failure to make delivery must be filed within nine months after a reasonable time for delivery has elapsed. All claims for damaged goods or hidden damage require that the carrier be notified in writing that damage exists within 15 calendar days of the delivery. Notation on the carrier's delivery receipt of damage will constitute such notice.

Filing the Claim

Only the shipper, the consignee, or a third party that has claim or title to the freight may file a claim. You must file your claim with the origin or destination carrier or with the carrier on whose line the loss or damage occurred if known by the claimant. All damaged goods and packaging materials must be kept in received condition for inspection by the carrier. Packaging which is insufficient to protect goods from the normal rigors of transportation will invalidate damage claims.

Claim Submission

All claim forms and documentation must be submitted to Titan Freight Systems at:

Titan Freight Systems
Attn: Claims Department
6201 SE Lake Rd
Portland, OR. 97222

Documentation Required

  • Standard Form for Presentation of Loss or Damage showing the freight that was lost or damaged and how the amount of the claim was determined.
  • Original Bill of Lading or Consignee's copy of the delivery receipt with tracking number to show that Titan Freight Systems transported the freight.
  • A delivery receipt with the loss or damage noted on it or a copy of the Titan Inspection report as evidence of loss or damage.
  • An invoice or other documentation establishing the cost of the lost or damaged freight.

How your Claim will be Handled

Once your freight claim has been received by Titan Freight Systems, we will acknowledge receipt within 30 days. If proper documentation has not been sent with the claim, a request will be made to the claimant to provide the additional information required to process the claim.

  • Titan Freight Systems will make every effort to resolve your claim within 60 days from the date of receipt of all required information needed to process the claim. If investigation of the claim is required, it may take longer.
  • If we cannot resolve your claim in 120 days, we will notify you what is required to conclude the claim.
  • Your claim may be referred to other carriers if they were involved in the transport of the shipment. You will be notified if this is required. It will generally require additional time for investigation when more than one carrier is involved.

We ask for your understanding if a delay occurs in the resolution of your claim. You may request a status update on your claim by calling us at 503-652-0010. Please refer to the tracking number or claim number in all correspondence.